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Prestan® AED UltraTrainer™ Adult/Child Replacement Pads, 4 Pair

SKU: 30-272

Vendor Part Number: PP-UTPAD-4

Replacement pads for Prestan® AED UltraTrainer™




  • To use with items #30-269 and #30-270
  • Pads are pre-connected and ready to use, unlike other AED trainers that use outdated plug-in technology.
  • Pads can be used 100 times (or more!) during CPR/AED classes.
  • One set of dual-graphics pads work for both adult and child training.
  • Pads have an embedded ‘switch’ that senses proper pad attachment to the manikin (Pad Sensing System) (patent pending).
  • The silicone-based adhesive on the pads, coupled with the foam structure, ensures easy application and removal.



  • 4 sets

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