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Koken Tracheostomy Management Simulator

SKU: 50-735

Vendor Part Number: LM-106

Half-transparent model for practicing procedures carried out for tracheostomy patients when replacing cannulas or performing suction through a cannula




This model can be used to practice the procedures carried out for tracheostomy patients in the fields of nursing and caregiving when replacing cannulas or performing suction through a cannula. The model can be divided into two halves and the trachea section is transparent, allowing confirmation of the state of cannula insertion and the position of the suction catheter in the cannula during suction. In addition, with the specially provided cannula attached, a ventilator can be operated by connection a test lung (simulated lung) to the model.

  • Allows the user to practice the procedures for replacing cannulas.
  • Transparent trachea allows for:
    • Observation of the state of inflation of the cuff 
    • Explanation of how the suction catheter should be positioned, and of how to perform suction using the upper part of the cuff.
  • Using the specially provided cannula, the approximate optimum pressure can be confirmed by feeling the soft posterior wall
  • Suction procedures can be performed with simulated sputum
  • Soft neck surface skin allows the user to feel the thyroid cartilage through the surface skin
  • Detachable trachea section facilitates explanation of the areas where granulation tends to develop
  • A ventilator can be operated by attaching the specially provided cannula and connecting a test lung
    • Alarm tone generated when air leakage occurs

1.5-year warranty

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