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Wound Care Skill Training Simulator

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  • Vendor Part Number: 1020592 [P100]

    With this trainer for wound care and bandaging techniques for trainee nurses and doctors, students learn how to care correctly for their patients’ wounds and can practice a wide range of dressing and bandaging techniques.

  • Vendor Part Number: 1019698 [P15]

    Nursing and medical students can learn about professional assessment (examination, measurement, and description), wound care, and bandaging techniques in various stages of decubitus.

  • Vendor Part Number: 1019639 [P95]

    The episiotomy and suture trainer provides realistic help with practicing taking care of and closing birth injuries after vaginal births.

  • Vendor Part Number: 1005134 [W19311]

    The 3B Scientific® Skin Suture Trainer is a great low cost way to practice surgical opening and closing techniques. 

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