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Wound Care Skill Training Simulator

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  • Vendor Part Number: 950

    This foot-only, 80-year-old, adult manikin trains students in the assessment and treatment of foot wounds.

  • Vendor Part Number: LF00929U

    This simulator allows students to conveniently practice wound management techniques without the movement and bleeding common in real patients.

  • Vendor Part Number: 550

    ‘Vinnie’ Venous Insufficiency Leg™ is a great tool for teaching, training, competency testing, and skills assessment in the care of patients with venous insufficiency.

  • Vendor Part Number: LM078

    This model is a reproduction of decubitus (a bedsore) on the sacral region shown in separate stages (Stage I to IV). It can be fitted to a human or a training model.

  • Vendor Part Number: LF01028U

    This suture and stapling practice arm trains students in wound closure.

  • Vendor Part Number: WA21216U

    This unhealthy foot care kit teaches students the importance of nutrition and foot care.

  • \Vendor Part Number: 980

    VATA’s ‘Pat’ Pressure Injury Staging Model™ brings wound care alive in a way that even the best of photographs cannot.

  • Vendor Part Number: SB43092

    Diabetic foot model illustrating more severe consequences of diabetes

  • Vendor Part Number: LF01005U

    The Life/form® First Aid Arm provides extremely realistic appearance and function to make your training exercise true-to-life.

  • Vendor Part Number: 1019698 [P15]

    Nursing and medical students can learn about professional assessment (examination, measurement, and description), wound care, and bandaging techniques in various stages of decubitus.

  • Vendor Part Number: 1019639 [P95]

    The episiotomy and suture trainer provides realistic help with practicing taking care of and closing birth injuries after vaginal births.

  • Vendor Part Number: 384

    The Z-Medica® Hemorrhage Control Training Kit (with QuikClot Combat Gauze® LE) presents multiple wound patterns.

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