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Women's Health Skill Trainers & Simulators

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  • Vendor Part Number: 110-180U

    This manikin trains students in a variety of childbirth techniques, including emergency techniques. 

  • Vendor Part Number: 340-00333

    MamaNatalie is a birthing simulator that makes it easy to create very compelling simulations of complex or normal birthing scenarios. It is worn by a standardized patient, who takes the role of the mother and manually controls the training scenario.

  • Vendor Part Number: LF01044U

    The Life/form® Episiotomy and Perineal Laceration Training Kit offers an unprecedented opportunity for students to master the techniques needed to repair most common birth injuries.

  • Vendor Part Number: LM080

    Koken’s External Cephalic Version Model allows ECV technique to be practiced.

  • Vendor Part Number: LM026G

    The KOKEN Baby is the optimum baby model for training and guidance involving newborns.

  • Vendor Part Number:LM-026M

    The KOKEN Baby is the optimum baby model for training and guidance involving newborns.

  • Vendor Part Number: LM-030

    This model is an extremely useful tool in practicing the insertion of female contraceptives and patient education.

  • Vendor Part Number: WA25812U

    There’s no better way to depict the actual size and developmental stages of a fetus than with these incredibly realistic replicas!

  • Vendor Part Number: 1001257 [VG391]

  • Vendor Part Number: SB50959

    Life-size model of a female pelvis.

  • Vendor Part Number: S500.200.PK.M

    Lightweight birthing torso that allows simulation of every stage of the birthing process

  • Vendor Part Number: LF00690

    These new and improved Life/form® Episiotomy Suturing Simulators provide a realistic way for students to learn good surgical techniques.

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