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Simulaids SimVS Vitals

SKU: 51-355

Vendor Part Number: 101102202

Virtual simulation of a vitals systems




  • Gives you a virtual simulation solution if you need a solo vitals system
  • Provides the ability to train with a standardized patient, manikin or simulator using a monitor stand that includes a display, auto BP cuff, pulse ox, and thermometer
  • Tablet control device the instructor uses can link one or more sets of equipment and control each set as a group, allowing the instructor to manage several patient profiles in real time
  • When the student activates the related portion of the display for a device, the display will show the relevant information that the instructor has set for the patient (e.g., touching temperature on the display will display the patients temperature)
  • Instructor's tablet is then updated about the students actions as feedback
  • Training system can support home health aide, CNA, nursing, and medical programs, as well as allied health training needs
  • System and its components can also be integrated with other more advanced SimVS systems seamlessly, providing the ability to build out what parts of the simulation you need, when you need it, using a common system, must be paired with SimVS Essentials or other more advanced SimVS products
  • Includes:
    • 1 display tablet
    • 1 BP cuff
    • 1 pulse ox finger probe
    • 1 temperature probe (thermometer)
    • Wheeled stand with basket
    • Glucometer core display



Weight: 16 lbs

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