Laerdal® Resusci® Anne Bleeding Control Legs

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Vendor Part Number: 090050

Bleeding control legs for use with select Resusci® Anne models

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Easily convert your Resusci Anne BLS manikin into an advanced trauma manikin with Resusci Anne Bleeding Control Legs.

Skills taught:

  • Application of compressive dressing
  • Training of proximal artery compression
  • Deep gauze pack placement

Items included:

  • Resusci Anne lower body with Bleeding Trauma Thigh (right)
  • Reservoir with tubing
  • Blood concentrate

Optional bleeding control legs are compatible with the following models:

  • Resusci® Anne QCPR
  • Resusci® Anne First Aid
  • Resusci® Anne QCPR (Pre-2018 models)
  • Resusci® Anne Simulator
  • Resusci® Anne Advanced SkillTrainer
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