Medalus Complete REBOA Task Trainer

SKU: 51-417

Vendor Part Number: REBOA

REBOA task trainer featuring realistic simulation of vascular access, hemorrhage zones 1, 2 & 3, and skeleton




Meet “Robby” the Complete REBOA Simulator. He has an X-ray footprint that registers with his surface anatomy for placement of the ER-REBOA catheter with and without fluoroscopy. He has the ability to simulate hemorrhage from Zones I, II, and III. He has an interchangeable groin which allows percutaneous needle access and ultrasound-guided percutaneous needle access. As a bonus feature, he has a long proximal segment of vein which allows users to place a central venous catheter as well. His only moving parts are click valves, he is lightweight, and to use him you just add water.


  • Simulates ultrasound-guided access of femoral vessels (multiple uses)
  • Simulates low-pressure venous bleeding and high-pressure arterial bleeding from the femoral vessels.
  • Simulates placement of femoral artery catheter and femoral vein central venous catheter.
  • Simulates massive hemorrhage from the thorax, abdomen, and/or pelvis.
  • Simulates radiographic assessment of bony landmarks in the thorax, abdomen, and pelvis to guide placement of the REBOA catheter.
  • Provides analog feedback to user and proctor on current status of hemorrhage and successful completion of REBOA procedure.
  • Training mode allows practice and visualization of each step prior to full simulation.
  • Training mannequin weight less than 10 lbs during transport.
  • Compatible with femoral access catheters up to 14 Fr. (all current balloon catheters for aortic occlusion are 14Fr or smaller)
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