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CAE Blue Phantom™ Lumbar Puncture & Spinal Epidural Ultrasound Training Model

SKU: 51-399

Vendor Part Number: BPLP210

Use ultrasound or utilize blind insertion techniques while performing lumbar puncture or epidural procedures to access the epidural or subarachnoid space




Blue Phantom Lumbar Puncture and Spinal Epidural training model offers clinicians the flexibility to practice and teach a wide variety of procedures including lumbar puncture, lumbar epidural, and therapeutic procedures. This Lumbar Puncture trainer with Lumbar Epidural is available in a variety of configurations to meet your training needs. This model is excellent in its realism, quality and durability offering you the ability to use ultrasound or utilize blind insertion techniques while performing lumbar puncture or epidural procedures to access the epidural or subarachnoid space. Blue Phantom's Lumbar Puncture model is superb for needle access as well as the placement of catheters. 

  • Excellent training platform for lumbar puncture and lumbar epidural procedures
  • Excellent for blind insertion techniques or using ultrasound for guided spinal epidural or lumbar puncture procedures
  • Superb for needle access as well as the placement of catheters
  • Can be positioned in the upright or lateral decubitus position allowing users to accurately position the model for appropriate training scenarios
  • External landmarks as the iliac crests can be palpated in the model to initially orient the user to the proper access points
  • Palpation of the spinous processes provides additional landmarks
  • Each spine tissue module is superb in its realism and contains the appropriate spinal segment, skin tissue, ligamentum flavum, epidural space, dura, subarachnoid membrane, and subarachnoid space containing cerebral spinal fluid
  • Utilize for full procedural training including injecting local anesthetics, introduce the needle to the epidural space and/or subarachnoid space, thread catheters, infuse simulated anesthetics, and obtain manometer measurements
  • Realistic tissue response including the "pop" encountered when traversing the ligamentum flavum, loss of resistance when entering the epidural space, and cerebral spinal fluid flow when the spinal cistern is accurately accessed
  • The cerebral spinal fluid pressures can be easily increased in order to simulate pathological scenarios during lumbar puncture training
  • Extremely durable and is self-healing which saves you money by reducing the need to repeatedly purchase replacement parts
  • All injected fluids are automatically expelled and cerebral spinal fluid that is removed is easily refilled using quick refill ports
  • Ultrasound can be used for identification of the optimal insertion points, angle of needle insertion, and determination of the depth to the ligamentum flavum, epidural space, and spinal cistern
  • Superb ultrasound imaging characteristics
  • Use any ultrasound system and never have to adjust the system settings unrealistically or have problems imaging the model’s anatomy
  • Ultra-durable self healing tissue is extremely realistic in ultrasound imaging characteristics and feels like real human tissue
  • Self-healing tissue will withstand tremendous use and will save you money by dramatically reducing the necessity for purchasing replacement parts
  • Purchase includes 1 bottle of simulated refill solution; one clear 235mls bottle
  • Modular design
  • High quality
  • Patented technology



Dimensions: 17” x 11” x 17”

Weight: 33 lbs

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