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Simulaids Xtreme Trauma Bleeding Leg for SMART STAT

SKU: 50-504

Vendor Part Number: 482

The Xtreme Bleeding Leg Moulage consist of a molded moulage piece and an interior leg structure. This feature provides a simple connection to the existing knee joint of the SMART STAT patient simulator using an easy-to-install knee pin.




These graphic explosion wounds offer detailed enhancements to challenge any practitioner’s level of care.

  • Moulages feature missing muscle and bone, flesh avulsions, fatty tissue, and bone ends.
  • The blood supply line from the SMART STAT simulator connects quickly, without blood splatter, to the moulage, and has pressurized blood flow to create a messy wound.
  • Proper application of a tourniquet will halt the blood flow.
  • Xtreme Bleeding Moulages can be used with the STAT line of patient simulators. External blood supplies must be used if not attached to the SMART STAT.

Replaces #SMART-482

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