Life/form® Female Special Needs Infant - Light Skin

SKU: 50-566

Vendor Part Number: LF01193UV

This manikin allows instructors to teach a wide range of procedures and develop a nursing care plan for special needs infants. The manikin can be used with a suction catheter, a gastrostomy tube, a nasogastric tube, and a urethral catheter.




  • Realistic anatomy
  • Lifelike feel
  • Full-body, light-skinned, female, special needs, infant manikin
  • Trains students in tracheostomy, gastrostomy, and nasogastric care
  • Allows urethra catheterization
  • Teaches basic colostomy stoma care
  • Includes carrying case
  • Warranty: 5 years

Replaces #NUR1193

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