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Airway Management Trainers - Intubation Training

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  • Vendor Part Number: LM-097

    This Koken Suction Training Model Type II can be used to practice suction procedures routinely applied in the nursing and caregiving fields.

  • Vendor Part Number: LM097B

    This Koken Suction Tube Feeding Simulator can be used to train intranasal, oral, and tracheal suction catheter insertion and suction procedures.

  • Vendor Part Number: LM-106

    Half-transparent model for practicing procedures carried out for tracheostomy patients when replacing cannulas or performing suction through a cannula

  • Vendor Part Number: LM059

    The Koken Airway Management Model brings realism to training on airway maintenance using various apparatus such as endotracheal intubation, and using a laryngoscope, and practicing the removal of foreign objects in the airway.

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