Simulaids SMART MOM Basic

SKU: 50-507

Vendor Part Number: 3002

This full-body pregnancy manikin offers simplicity of operation in a highly advanced trainer. It is designed to simulate complicated or normal prenatal care, labor, and vaginal delivery, including advanced life support.




  • Birthing activities controlled by simple drop down lists
  • Ten significant birthing scenarios included with up to seven vignettes per scenario
  • Six vaginal discharges: amnion, meconium, large and small clots, bright red blood, dark red blood, and brown blood
  • Umbilical cord that can be clamped and cut multiple times
  • Realistically-weighted placenta
  • Basic birthing baby
  • Half-baby to practice Leopold maneuvers
  • Replaceable vagina/cervix sections to last through many births
  • Laptop for Mothers Monitor
  • Flat-screen monitor for FHR
  • iPad controls the birthing position and rotation of the fetus, decent speed, vaginal bleeding, amniotic fluid, meconium, and the mother’s physiological condition.
  • FHR and UA monitors included
  • Includes iPad, battery charger, gowns, umbilical clamps, lubrication, replacement vulva, IV vein replacement, pulse oximeter, BP cuff, laptop monitor, a flat-screen monitor, and wheeled carrying case
  • Optional birthing baby that will cry when stimulated
  • Warranty: 1 year

Replaces #SMART-MOM 

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