Cardionics SimScope - The Hybrid Simulator

SKU: 50-360

Vendor Part Number: 718-3400

A standardized patient assessment auscultation system for real-time standardized patient interaction and assessment




  • SP Scope™: This plays the programmed heart, breath, and bowel sounds specific to each correct anatomical location, enabling a realistic standardized patient encounter. Up to 20 patches may be programmed and simultaneously activated with heart, breath, bowel, and bruit sounds to simulate real time auscultation during a physical exam.
  • SP Patches™: Customizable and easily programmable to fit specific diagnostic case studies. Matching the appropriate sound to the correct anatomical location enables authentic standardized patient interaction and student assessment in a variety of educational scenarios.
  • SP Software™: Provides real time practice and patient interaction with a library of sounds for a simulated heart, breath, bowel, and bruit.
  • Non-renewable site license: Allows for SimScope® users to purchase additional stethoscopes at a lower rate without purchasing the complete system.
  • Includes SP Scope™, SP Patches™, SP Software™, and USB cable
  • Warranty: 1 year

Replaces #AUS7183400

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