Physio-Control Adult Electrode Pads with QUIK-COMBO (Leads-In)

SKU: 30-249

Vendor Part Number: 11996-000091

Physio-Control adult electrode pads with QUIK-COMBO® connector




  • Unique EDGE System™ technology results in even current distribution, helping reduce risk of skin burns.
  • Perform ECG monitoring, noninvasive pacing, defibrillation, and synchronized cardioversion through one set of electrodes.
  • Disposable QUIK-COMBO® electrodes are designed for a single patient application.
  • Lead wire is 2 feet (0.6 m) long.
  • Must be used with the QUIK-COMBO® therapy cable designed for your device
  • 18 month shelf life at time of shipment
  • For use with LIFEPAK® 12/15/20
Please note: These electrodes have the lead wires inside the foil packaging and are unable to be “pre-connected” to the defibrillator during storage. Also, lead length is 24", which is not recommended for use in the field.
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