Koken Neonatal Vital Signs Simulator II

SKU: 50-562

Vendor Part Number: LM098

With this simulator, infant vital signs can be measured and the entire body can be monitored. A crying-sound function reproduces the clinical setting more realistically, while heart and breathing sounds can be checked, creating hands-on training of measurement and monitoring close to those of the actual clinical environment.




  • Students can be trained in:
    • Visual inspection (thoracoabdominal movement),
    • Auscultation of heart and breath sounds,
    • Insertion of rectal thermometer,
    • Full-body monitoring (location of anterior and posterior fontanels, sagittal and coronal sutures),
    • And more....
  • Four different crying voice patterns can be reproduced.
  • Includes neonatal model, control box, power supply, and connecting cords
  • Warranty: 1.5 years

Replaces #LM-098

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