Prestan® Adult Replacement Jaw Thrust Head Assembly

SKU: 10-207

Vendor Part Number: RPP-JTHEAD-1-MS

This Jaw Thrust Head can be used on the Prestan® Adult Manikin if the jaw-thrust maneuver wants to be taught or used as a replacement head for the Prestan® Jaw Thrust Adult Manikin.





Enhance your students' CPR training experience by replacing the standard head of your Prestan® Professional Adult CPR Manikin with the Jaw Thrust Head to teach the jaw-thrust maneuver!

With the head's moveable mandible, true-to-life demonstration of patient jaw manipulation is possible. You can now instruct students how to open the patient's airway when a spinal cord injury is suspected. Students can practice either this skill or the traditional head-tilt/chin-lift technique using Prestan®'s Jaw Thrust CPR Training Manikin head.

The structure of the head is capable of demonstrating the jaw-thrust maneuver by grasping and lifting the angles of the lower jaw with both hands. By moving the jaw forward, this presents the rescuer with an open airway.

  • Individual Jaw Thrust Head
  • Can be used on the Prestan® Adult Manikin if the jaw-thrust maneuver wants to be taught. Or used as a replacement head for the Prestan® Jaw Thrust Adult Manikin.

Replaces JT-HEAD1

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