Koken Decubitus Treatment Model

SKU: 50-340

Vendor Part Number: LM078

This model is a reproduction of decubitus (a bedsore) on the sacral region shown in separate stages (Stage I to IV). It can be fitted to a human or a training model.




  • Provides understanding of Stage I to IV of decubitus
  • Very realistic; skins made of silicone material
  • Fitting belt made of urethane foam
  • Simulated skins can be layered on one another.
  • Advance of decubitus can be seen by removing one skin at a time.
  • Ointment can be applied and the maneuver of treatment can be performed.
  • Includes set of 6 different skins and a fitting belt
  • Warranty: 1.5 years

Classification of each stage:

  • Stage I (Image 1)
    • Circumscribed skin flare
    • No changes to pale skin by pressure
    • No injury on epidermis
  • Stage II (Image 2, 3)
    • Partial defect of skin including epidermis and dermis
    • Blister and erosion are observed
  • Stage III (Image 4, 5)
    • Defect reach to subcutaneous tissue
    • Sometimes pocket is formed
  • Stage IV (Image 6)
    • Deep defect down to the muscle, bone, and support tissue
    • Pocket is formed, and sometimes surgery is required for the treatment

Replaces #LM-078

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