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Gaumard® OB Susie® The Original Childbirth Skills Trainer - Light Skin

SKU: 50-402

Vendor Part Number: S500

This versatile childbirth simulator provides training in normal delivery and abnormal and multiple deliveries.




  • Childbirth simulator for teaching vaginal delivery, C-section, and breech birth
  • Allows for Ritgen’s maneuver, episiotomy, and vertex presentation
  • Demonstrates placenta previa, palpitation of fetal fontanelles, and umbilical cord prolapse
  • Life-size pelvic cavity with realistic anatomy on both mother and infant
  • Removable stomach cover and diaphragm end plate for positioning fetus
  • Anatomically accurate backbone and fontanelles on infants
  • Hand-painted outline of bony pelvis
  • Includes 3 soft vulval inserts, 4 umbilical cords, 1 skin-tone stomach cover, 1 baby boy and 1 baby girl with umbilical cord and placenta, 2 umbilical clamps, talcum powder, and soft carrying bag
  • Warranty: 1 year

Replaces #S500 

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