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Simulaids 12 Lead ECG Simulator, Physio-Control QUIK-COMBO

SKU: 30-204

Vendor Part Number: 101-9851-104U

Simulaids12-lead arrhythmia simulator for Physio-Control, Medtronic, or Marquette AEDs




  • Pace and defibrillate directly into this interactive 12-lead ECG simulator through your handsfree defibrillation cable!
  • Simulate electrical capture with your external pacer.
  • Press simulator capture key to select one of four pre-set pacing capture levels: 70, 80, 90, or 100mA. When pacer current is greater than selected capture level, paced beats appear on your monitor.
  • Waveforms for pacing include: sinus bradycardia (two), 1st degree A-V block, 2nd degree type I A-V block, 2nd degree type II A-V block, 2nd degree type II A-V block with PVCs, and 3rd degree A-V block
  • Simulate cardioversion with your manual, semi-automatic, or automatic defibrillator
  • Waveforms for defibrillator training include: V-fib, V-tach (high rate), V-tach (low rate), torsade, AFib, atrial flutter, zPSVT, sinus tach, sinus rhythm, sinus rhythm with PVCs, asystole, and NSR.
  • Generates ST segment and T wave abnormalities including: anterior MI, inferior MI, antero-septal ST elevation, anterior ST depression, lateral ST elevation, and inferior ST elevation.
  • LED indicators: pacer pulse detection, defib discharge detection, and low battery
  • Warranty: 3 years

Replaces #SIM12P

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