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American Heart Association (AHA) Training Supplies

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  • Vendor Part Number: 15-2702

    This is the Arabic-language required student text for AHA's BLS course.

  • Vendor Part Number: 15-2209

    DVD for teaching video-based, instructor-led BLS course

  • Vendor Part Number: 15-2703

    This DVD contains everything needed to conduct the hands-on, classroom-based portion of AHA's BLS course. 

  • Vendor Part Number: 15-1308

    This is the required German-language student text for BLS courses.

  • Vendor Part Number: 15-2309

    Spanish-language DVD to be used by instructors to teach BLS courses

  • Vendor Part Number: 15-2704

    Includes essential information and lesson plans that AHA BLS instructors need to teach BLS courses, including the full classroom and the blended learning versions

  • Vendor Part Number: 15-1077

    Includes all tools needed for teaching the BLS Instructor-Led Training (ILT) course, HeartCode® BLS, and the BLS Renewal ILT course

  • Vendor Part Number: 15-2802

    An electronic version of the IVE BLS Instructor Manual

  • Vendor Part Number: 15-2803

    Electronic equivalent of the printed International Version English BLS Provider Manual

  • Vendor Part Number: 15-2206

    Electronic version of the Portuguese BLS Instructor Manual

  • Vendor Part Number: 15-2207

    Electronic equivalent of the Portuguese BLS Provider Manual

  • Vendor Part Number: 15-2306

    An electronic version of the Spanish BLS Instructor Manual

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