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CPR Feedback Devices

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  • Vendor Part Number: 170-30050

    SkillGuide™ for Resusci® Anne with QCPR and Resusci® Baby with QCPR

  • Vendor Part Number: 123-30050

    SkillGuide™ with extension cable to provide learners real-time feedback without opening up the manikin’s chest to connect/disconnect the device

  • Vendor Part Number: WLCRM

    Practi-CRM measures compression rate when practicing chest compressions on a manikin.

  • Vendor Part Number: WLCRdM

    This flexible wrist monitor is designed to measure compression rate and depth when practicing CPR on a manikin.

  • Vendor Part Number: HSG1PR100

    Apps and sensor kit that can be attached to any adult or child manikin currently lacking CPR feedback function

  • Vendor Part Number: HSG1PR600

    Use HeartiSense™ to update your CPR manikin into a smart CPR manikin

  • Vendor Part Number: LF03407

    Life/form® iPad®* for use with CPR Metrix or HeartiSense™ units.

  • Vendor Part Number: LF03405

    High-tech solution for CPR training and documentation.

  • Vendor Part Number: 801-00249

    The CPRmeter 2 provides real-time measured feedback on depth, rate and release of CPR and can be used for training or in real-life rescue.

  • Vendor Part Number: LF03406

    High-tech feedback solution for CPR training and documentation.

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