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Gaumard® Breast Palpation Skills Trainer Torso

SKU: 50-603

Vendor Part Number: S230.40

Gaumard’s new Breast Palpation Simulator for clinical teaching combines state-of-the-art materials to create a realistic look, feel, and texture in addition to lifelike softness and durability.




The simulator incorporates a combination of left and right breasts, including axilla regions, with a variety of masses that have distinct textures useful in recognizing normal and abnormal conditions. This simulator offers an excellent training platform on which breast examination techniques may be demonstrated.

The Breast Palpation Simulator’s six interchangeable breasts include a variety of different pathologies for training of breast examination. An assortment of malignant and benign tumors is included within both the mammary and axilla regions. 
  • Three interchangeable left breasts
  • Three interchangeable right breasts demonstrating carcinoma and the “orange skin" effect, giant sarcoma, and normal breast tissue
  • Demonstrating chronic mastitis, benign growth, and scirrhous carcinoma
  • Lifelike softness, texture, and look
  • Breasts are attached to adult upper torso and can be easily removed and reassembled.
  • The trainer can be used in either the upright or reclining position.
  • Includes carrying bag and instruction manual

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