CAE Blue Phantom™ COVID-19 Live Lung Ultrasound Simulator

SKU: 52-577

Vendor Part Number: BPLUNG-19

Lung Model for Point of Care Ultrasound training associated with COVID-19




Blue Phantom’s Live Lung Ultrasound Training Model replicates the acoustic properties of human tissue, allowing users to develop and practice ultrasound imaging skills to diagnose key findings consistent with COVID-19 cases. As user scans inferior lung ultrasound findings range from healthy to critical COVID-19 case. Ultrasound imaging skills include; using ultrasound system controls, transducer positioning and navigation between intercostal space(s), applying PPE and recognition of COVID-19 lung anatomy in a risk-free environment.


  • Lung sliding powered by an automated pump
  • Extremely realistic external landmarks and ultrasound anatomy of Lung 
  • Excellent for training physicians in psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound: knobology training, didactic skills, acquiring ultrasound images and sanitation guidelines to limit exposure
  • Optimize your training with superb image quality; simulated tissue matches the acoustic properties of real human tissue
  • Anatomically correct: includes Chest wall, Ribs, Lung, Pleural Lining
  • Ultrasound Anatomy includes: Ribs, Rib Shadow, A lines, B lines, Thickened and irregular Pleural Lining and Consolidation
  • Disease progresses as user scans inferior
  • Excellent image quality using any ultrasound system
  • No special storage needed
  • Patented technology



Weight: 16 pounds

Dimensions: (LXWXH): 33cm X 33 cm X 23 cm ; 13in X 13in X 9 in

Made in USA

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