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2015 AHA BLS Instructor eCard

SKU: 15-3016

Electronic version of the BLS Instructor card




This product is non-returnable.

The BLS Instructor eCard is the electronic version of the print BLS Instructor card. It is a valid and more secure alternative to the printed card.

  • Electronic AHA course completion card 
  • Viewable online 
  • Valid alternative to printed AHA BLS Instructor card 
  • Option to print as full-page or wallet-sized card once claimed 
  • For more information, see the AHA Course Card Reference Guide available at



How will you receive it after purchased?
  1. The American Heart has developed an online tool which allows AHA TC Coordinators (TCCs), Training Center Admins (TC Admins) and Instructors the ability to issue virtual AHA course completion cards – or eCards – to students. AHA’s My Cards is conveniently available through the AHA Instructor Network’s Training Central™
  2. This tool is known as My Cards
  3. The turnaround time is about 24 hours, except for orders placed on Saturday & Sunday
 How do the customers issue the cards to the students?
There are three ways (please also refer to User Guide):
  1. Through the My Cards system, TCCs or TC Admins may issue eCards to their Instructors using the Assign eCards to Instructors link. The Instructors may then handle distribution of eCards to students.
  2. Through the My Cards system, TCCs or TC Admins may issue eCards directly to Students using the Assign eCards to Students link.
  3. Through the My Courses™ system, TCCs, TC Admins or Instructors may issue eCards through the Roster Manager screen simply by checking a box next to the students’ names and clicking the Assign eCards button. 

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