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AHA 2020 Guideline Transition: What You Need to Prepare

Calling all American Heart Association Training Centers! Are you ready for the AHA 2020 Guideline Transition? All AHA Instructors and Training Centers will have until February 1, 2021 to begin teaching the new 2020 Guidelines healthcare courses (BLS, ACLS, PALS). What do you need to do to prepare? We are here to help! ... Read More

The Importance of Infant CPR

What would you do if you were with a baby that stopped breathing? Hopefully, you will never be in that situation… but administering CPR could save a baby’s life if their heart stops beating or if he/she isn’t breathing adequately. Undergoing training for infant CPR will help you be prepared to respond to a medical emergency involving infants. ... Read More

Stay safe with COVID-19 Supplies from WorldPoint!

At WorldPoint, we want to help you stay safe from the COVID-19 coronavirus. We compiled a list of information and resources that may help you prevent infection and spreading of COVID-19 in your daily life, workplace, and/or CPR training. ... Read More

(CNN) Mail carrier’s quick thinking helped a man who accidentally cut himself with chainsaw

By Kelsie Smith, CNNMon October 12, 2020 (CNN)A California postal worker’s quick decision to use his belt as a tourniquet helped a man who had severely cut his arm with a chainsaw. US Postal Service letter carrier Fernando Garcia made a heroic effort to stop a man’s arm from bleeding after he accidentally cut himself […] ... Read More

Little Anne QCPR Manikin

Introduction             Little Anne QCPR Manikin is a product in the Laerdal line of QCPR manikins. Laerdal manikins are anatomically accurate Quality CPR (QCPR) manikins that provide real-time feedback on the critical components of high-quality CPR. Through Laerdal manikins, you can track aspects such as chest compression rate, depth, recoil, fraction and also monitor the […] ... Read More

The Business of Training in the New Normal

Can we save lives AND protect the bottom line? There is no commercial enterprise in the world untouched by the global COVID-19 pandemic. It has changed the course of retail, disrupted hospitality, changed the perspective on entertainment and put manufacturing and processing in the spotlight. CPR training is not immune from the tumult of the […] ... Read More

Rescue Randy manikin by Simulaids

Learn more about the Rescue Randy manikin by Simulaids, developed for lifelike adult patient handling, transportation, and extrication training. ... Read More

John C. Amato of WorldPoint ECC: 5 Ways to Provide a WOW Customer Experience

Kristin MarquetJuly 27, 2020 Treat your employees better than you treat your customers. Your employees will pass on that sentiment to the customers and make them feel as valued as they feel, it’s a cycle. It all starts internally. The most important thing here is to create a workplace where you employees want to come […] ... Read More

Advanced Simulation Technologies Benefiting Military Medics | WorldPoint

Advanced Simulation Technologies Benefit Military Medics, Save Lives in Combat, and Open Doors for Film and Game Creators Advanced simulation technologies are becoming the hottest production medium outside the film and gaming industries. Therefore, job opportunities are growing for designers, 3D modelers, programmers, scripters, and others who bring realism to interactive products. They are producing […] ... Read More

Which First Aid Kit is Right for You? | WorldPoint

Which First Aid Kit is Right for You? WorldPoint Experts Talk Options Are you investing in a first aid kit? If so, you are probably wondering which first aid kit is right for you. You are not the first to struggle with this decision, say the CPR and first aid training experts at WorldPoint. There […] ... Read More

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