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Heartsaver Training Essentials & Best Practices During COVID-19

With no foreseeable end of the COVID-19 pandemic in sight, virtual training is here to stay – for now at the very least! Although face-to-face, hands-on training has its own inherit value and benefits, for now, virtual training remains out of necessity and popularity, especially among AHA Heartsaver® CPR AED and First Aid training audiences. Whether you are providing hands-on, in-person, or virtual training, WorldPoint is ... Read More

Meet Alicia | The Heart of WorldPoint MENA

Do you live in MENA? Do you work in healthcare Do you understand all your equipment needs and how to get your hands on the best products for the best training? Could you benefit from the professional guidance of a trusted advisor? If you answered yes, then partner with WorldPoint and Alicia today! Meet WorldPoint We are WorldPoint. We are a combination of passion and ... Read More

Introducing the PRESTAN® Adult Series 2000 Manikin | Now Available at WorldPoint!

Are you looking for advanced CPR training solutions to enhance your Heartsaver® and Basic Life Support (BLS) training? Do you need new manikins that meet the American Heart Association (AHA) feedback requirements? WorldPoint is here to help! WorldPoint is committed to providing you with the best CPR training manikins, supplies, and materials… and we are excited to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of this ... Read More

Why PRESTAN® Should Be Your Heartsaver Hero

PRESTAN® provides all the Heartsaver Training Essentials you need to be a Heartsaver Hero. Committed to building confidence, PRESTAN provides instructors and students with intuitive, durable, and cost-effective products for CPR and AED training, such as CPR manikins (Prestan® Professional Manikins, Prestan® Ultralite™ Manikins, and the NEW Prestan® Professional Adult Series 2000 Manikins), and AED Trainers (Prestan® Professional Plus AED Trainer and Prestan® Ultratrainer). WorldPoint is ... Read More

COVID-19 Vaccination Administration & The Need For Anaphylaxis Response Training

We are WorldPoint and we are here for you! As you may know, the COVID-19 vaccines are now being widely delivered to those who are eligible! Although this news is incredibly exciting, we have already seen that allergic reactions, such as anaphylaxis, can occur. Anaphylactic reaction response training may be required for medical and healthcare professionals who are new/returning to vaccination administration. Although anaphylaxis ... Read More

Incorporate PoCUS Into Your Training with Blue Phantom™!

Have you incorporated Point-of-Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) into your training? Perfect for Hospitals, Community and Technical Colleges, and Emergency Medical Teams, PoCUS is an excellent tool to treat patients faster and more accurately. Learn more about Point-of-Care Ultrasound (PoCUS), when it is used, it’s benefits, and more! ... Read More

Be READY with Nasco Healthcare

Nasco Healthcare is a manufacturer and global leader in medical simulation. For almost 80 years, Nasco Healthcare has made medical simulation possible and accessible to all. Nasco Healthcare has become a trusted brand among healthcare, law enforcement, and military professionals around the world, as they continue to provide realistic and cost-effective training solutions, such as manikins, skill trainers, moulage wounds, and more. WorldPoint recognizes Nasco Healthcare’ ... Read More

2020 AHA Heartsaver® | Now Available!

The American Heart Association has released the new 2020 Heartsaver materials that reflect science and education from the 2020 AHA Guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC). All Instructors and Training Centers will have until June 1, 2021 to begin teaching the new 2020 Guidelines Heartsaver® courses using the new materials. The 2020 AHA Heartsaver materials are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase at*! ... Read More

Train Physicians for Real-Life Bleeding Scenarios with Medalus REBOA Task Trainer

Patients who have impending cardiac arrest from bleeding have better outcomes with the REBOA technique. However, many general surgeons and physicians found that getting trained in this technique was a challenge, and practicing the technique was an even bigger challenge. Christopher Kinsella, MD, a general surgeon, saw the need for a REBOA task trainer and decided to create one himself. The trainer he created – the ... Read More

We’re Looking for Brand Ambassadors!

WorldPoint has been making a difference in the CPR and healthcare community for more than 25 years, and now we’re looking for Brand Ambassadors to help spread the word about us and our products… think you might be a good fit? If you are a champion for training in the healthcare industry, if you are passionate about saving lives through CPR, and if you love ... Read More

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