Laerdal® Baby Anne® - Light Skin

SKU: 10-568

Vendor Part Number: 130-01050

Full-body, neonatal, pediatric manikin for training students to open airway, perform CPR, or remove foreign objects using back blows or chest thrusts




This full-body manikin is sturdy and durable and makes hands-on practice in infant CPR affordable for every student.

  • Allows removal of foreign objects using back blows or chest thrusts
  • Head tilt/chin lift
  • Anatomical landmarks for correct training
  • Easily removable airways and faces for multiple use
  • Convenient design for portability
  • New feature: Improved airways management—the airway now closes when the neck is hyperextended.
  • New feature: New modernized clothing
  • With these new features, current spare parts will be replaced with new spare parts.
  • Latex free
  • Light-skinned manikin


  • 6 airways
  • 10 foreign body practice objects
  • Soft pack


1-year warranty



Special note:

Because of the new airway management feature, some of the new parts will need to be used with other new parts in order to work on an old Baby Anne®. 

If you are ordering…..

Then you will also need

Airways #10-573

Face connectors #10-572 OR faces #10-576 (light skin) or #10-577 (dark skin)

Face connectors #10-572

Airways #10-573

Faces #10-576 (light skin) or #10-577 (dark skin)

Airways #10-573

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