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Gaumard® Advanced Multipurpose Venous Training Arm, Left - Light Skin

SKU: 50-282

Vendor Part Number: S401.100

This multipurpose IV training arm combines all features required for IV, IM, and Sub-Q training and practice in a challenging simulator.




  • Connects to all Gaumard® adult simulators
  • Subtle venous network in arm and hand
  • Cephalic, basilic, antecubital, radial, and ulnar veins
  • Realistic “pop” as needle enters vein
  • Intramuscular injection site in deltoid area
  • Subcutaneous injection areas on the volar side of the forearm and the lateral side of the upper arm
  • TB test site
  • Squeeze bulb to increase or decrease venous pressure
  • Veins stand out or collapse
  • Easily replaceable skin and veins
  • Administration of medication by intravenous bolus
  • Simulation of infusion technique
  • Blood collection exercises with simulated blood
  • Simulation of clenched fist and tourniquet position


  • Set-up kit
  • Simulated blood concentrate
  • Pressure bulb
  • Blood dispensing bag
  • Spare arm skin
  • Funnel
  • Powder
  • Base with stand
  • Soft carrying case
  • Instruction manual

Replaces #IV401-100

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