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Prestan® Adult Manikin with CPR Monitor - Medium Skin

SKU: 10-216

Vendor Part Number: PP-AM-100M-WP-MS

Torso-only, adult manikin with feedback monitor allows students to gauge their own compression rate as they practice CPR




Torso-only, adult manikin allows students to gauge their own compression rate as they practice CPR.

  • Head tilt/chin lift, chest rise, and anatomical landmarks
  • Open nose holes to simulate a nose pinch.  Air does not flow through to the lung bags.
  • Compression clicker
  • Disposable airways
  • Now with even more feedback with the CPR monitor based on the 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and ECC (2 AA batteries not included)
  • Latex free

New upgraded blue monitor!  As recommended by the updated 2015 CPR Guidelines, Prestan® has taken its innovative and patented CPR Rate Monitor to the next level of quality feedback. When students are practicing CPR compressions on a Prestan® Adult Manikin, not only will they see when they have reached and are maintaining the minimum recommended speed of 100 cpm, they will also see when they reach the upper limit of 120 cpm.  Light indicators are as follows: 

  • red light indicates fewer than 60 compressions per minute.
  • yellow light illuminates when the rate is 60 to fewer than 80 compressions per minute.
  • single green light comes on when the student is administering 80 to fewer than 100 compressions per minute.
  • Two green lights let students know that they have reached 100 to 119 compressions per minute, and stay on to help students maintain that rate.
  • Two green lights and a flashing yellow light indicates the student has reached 120+ compressions per minute and needs to slow down.



  • 10 face shield/lung bags
  • Carrying bag


3-year warranty

En Español

En Español

Este maniquí permite a los estudiantes medir su propio índice de compresión mientras practican la RCP. El monitor también permite a los instructores guiar a varios estudiantes a la vez.

  • Inclinación de la cabeza / elevación de la barbilla
  • Expansión torácica  si la ventilación se aplica correctamente
  • Puntos anatómicos para realizar correctamente la RCP
  • Cliquer que indica la profundidad de la compresión correcta
  • Vías aéreas desechables
  • Ahora con aún más información con el monitor de RCP basado en las Pautas de RCP y ECC de la American Heart  Association de 2015
  • Sin látex
  • Incluye 10 bolsas de protección facial / pulmón y una bolsa de transporte

Garantía: 3 años.

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