About WorldPoint




In 1996, WorldPoint was founded on three hallmarks of service:  same day shipping, complete shipments and most memorable customer service.  Based on these hallmarks, our new logo truly encompasses what WorldPoint is all about: helping you deliver the highest quality training.

WorldPoint’s tagline, at the heart of your training, demonstrates WorldPoint as a destination, a place training centers go for American Heart Association products and materials, industry information and memorable customer service.  As an American Heart Association distributor, WorldPoint is a key resource connecting training centers and people around the world with materials, products and knowledge that helps them achieve their goals. 

WorldPoint helps our customers deliver the highest quality training, improve healthcare and save more lives. We connect you with the American Heart Association training materials and the supporting products you need, with the passionate, knowledgeable support you deserve. We deliver exceptional customer service and champion positive outcomes. This work takes people working together as partners in saving lives. 

  • We believe in the mission of the American Heart Association 
  • We believe in the quality of the products we sell 
  • We care about what our customers do and their success 
  • Quality training brings our products, our knowledge and our customers together to improve patient outcomes and save lives 
  • WorldPoint is passionate about supporting and championing the people who make positive outcomes possible 




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